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How To Make Wood Chip Fire Logs

Hargrove -Home – Produces gas fire logs for use in wood burning and unvented fireplaces. The site has detailed product specifications and sales distribution information.

Firewood logs are sold by the volume rather than by weight. This is because the wetter the wood, the heavier it is, but the lower the calorific value.

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How I Make Wax Coated Wood Chip Fire StartersHow to make newspaper logs for your fire – instructables.com – Intro: How to make newspaper logs for your fire. You can make fuel for your fire by using newspapers. This instructable shows you how to make a newspaper log in …

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The BBQ Grill Outlet sells beautiful & affordable fire and gas logs in Orange County and San Diego County having a lifetime warranty.

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I think the point would be to make them now. If these would burn as well as, and as long as, real wood logs, I’m sure the decrease in weight would be awesome; no …

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