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How To Make Up A Chod Rig

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***CARP FISHING TV*** How To Tie: A Chod Rig – … – Jul 30, 2014  · Check out this handy video that gives you a step-by-step guide to mastering the hugely popular Chod Rig, including attaching the hook with a whipping knot.

Chod Rig 101 This article is all about the chod rig. Including my chod rig set up, how to tie a chod rig and why I think it is such a great rig!

Chod Rig Fishing – Nash TT Chod Heli Kits with Alan … – Jul 09, 2014  · Chod rigs are an effective method for fishing in weed or deep silt. In this short video Alan Blair demonstrates his helicopter and chod rig set ups and …

– Top chod rig tips. Without doubt, if I only ever had one rig to use for all of my carp fishing situations, it would be the chod-rig, says Iain Macmillan.

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